Spring 1992, Vol. 11, No. 1

From the Editor, 7-10
Holly Laird


First Persons Plural in Contemporary Feminist Fiction, 11-29
Adalaide Morris

Beloved’s Narrative: Writing Mother’s Milk, 31-46
Lorraine Liscio

Forum: South African Women Writing

Preface, 47-49
Cecily Lockett

South African Women’s Poetry: A Gynocritical Perspective, 51-61
Cecily Lockett

Metonymies of Colonialism in Four Handsome Negresses, 63-78
Wendy Woodward

Black Women Poets in Exile: The Weapon of Words, 79-93
Lynda Gilfillan

Black Women Do Not Have Time to Dream: The Politics of Time and Space, 95-102
Pamela Ryan

Two Women and Their Territories: Sheila Roberts and Miriam Tlali, 103-111
Margaret Lenta

Tradition and Transformation: One Never Knows, 113-123
Miki Flockemann


Wild Women in the Whirlwind: Afra-American Culture and the Contemporary Literary Renaissance, edited by Joanne M. Braxton and Andree Nicola McLaughlin; Race, Gender, and Desire: Narrative Strategies in the Fiction of Toni Cade Bambara, Toni Morrison, and Alice Walker, by Elliott Butler-Evans; The Other Side of the Story: Structures and Strategies of Contemporary Feminist Narratives, by Molly Hite, 125-128
Claudia Tate

Claiming the Heritage: African-American Women Novelists and History, by Missy Dehn Kubitschek, 128-129
Sally L. Kitch

The Gender of Modernism: A Critical Anthology, edited by Bonnie Kime Scott, 130-131
Susan Gubar

Women’s Writing in Exile, edited by Mary Lynn Broe and Angela Ingram, 131-133
Margaret Higonnet

H. G. Wells and Rebecca West, by J. R. Hammond, 133-137
Margaret D. Stetz

Jean Rhys at “World’s End”: Novels of Colonial and Sexual Exile, by Mary Lou Emery, 137-139
Ashley Stockstill

Victorian Sages and Cultural Discourse: Renegotiating Gender and Power, edited by Thaïs E. Morgan, 139-140
Nina Auerbach

The Bluestocking Circle: Women, Friendship, and the Life of the Mind in Eighteenth-Century England, by Sylvia Harcstark Myers; Raising Their Voices: British Women Writers, 1650-1750, by Marilyn L. Williamson; Gender at Work: Four Women Writers of the Eighteenth Century, edited and introduction by Ann Messenger; Women’s Lives and the 18th-Century English Novel, by Elizabeth Berger Brophy; The Courtship Novel, 1740-1820: A Feminized Genre, by Katherine Sobba Green, 141-145
Mary Anne Schofield

New Readings on Women in Old English Literature, edited by Helen Damico and Alexandra Hennessey Olsen, 145-147
Nona Fienberg

Irish Women Writers: An Uncharted Tradition, Ann Owens Weekes, 147-148
Mary O’Toole

Engendering Men: The Question of Male Feminist Criticism, edited by Joseph A. Boone and Michael Cadden, 148-149
George Haggerty

Mary Wollstonecraft Sojourner Truth Margaret Atwood Abigail Adams Amy Tan H.D. Simone de Beauvoir Zora Neale Hurston Frances Burney Virginia Woolf

"The white saxifrage with the indented leafe is moste commended for the breakinge of the Stone."

— Turner, Herbal, III, 68 [1568]