Spring 1987, Vol. 6, No. 1

A Note from the Acting Editor, 5-7
Mary O’Toole


Defining the Domestic Genre: English Women Novelists of the 1850s, 9-25
Monica Correa Fryckstedt

Indecent Liberties with a Poet: Audience and the Metaphor of Rape in Killigrew’s “Upon the saying that my Verses” and Pope’s Arbuthnot, 27-45
Kristina Straub

Voice as Fossil: Madame de Staël’s Corinne or Italy: An Archaeology of Feminine Discourse, 47-60
Marie-Claire Vallois

“Womens Speaking Justified”: The Feminine Quaker Voice, 1662-1797, 61-77
Mary Anne Schofield

Woman as Ghost in Cynthia Asquith: Ghostly Fiction and Autobiography, 79-96
Ruth Weston

Review Essay

Latin American Women Writers: Into the Mainstream (At Last), 97-107
Patricia Klingenberg


Feminist Theory: The Intellectual Traditions of American Feminism, by Josephine Donovan; Gender Politics, by Ethel Klein; Crossing the Double-Cross: The Practice of Feminist Criticism, by Elizabeth A. Meese; Gender and Reading: Essays on Readers, Texts, and Contexts, edited by Elizabeth A. Flynn and Patrocinio P. Schweickart, 109-116
Carol E. Klein

Hester Thrale Piozzi: Portrait of a Literary Woman, by William McCarthy, 116-119
Melinda Sansone

Female Friendships and Communities: Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, by Pauline Nestor; Victorian Writing and Working Women: The Other Side of Silence, by Julia Swindells, 119-121
Nina Auerbach

Bearing the Word: Language and Female Experience in Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing, by Margaret Homans, 121-122
Lynn M. Alexander

German Women in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: A Social and Literary History, edited by Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres and Mary Jo Maynes, 122-123
Barbara Hyams

Contemporary American Women Writers: Narrative Strategies, edited by Catherine Rainwater and William J. Scheick; Black and White Women of the Old South: The Peculiar Sisterhood in American Literature, by Minrose G. Gwin, 123-125
Susan Resneck Parr

The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions, by Paula Gunn Allen, 125-126
Melody Graulich

The Southern Belle in the American Novel, by Kathryn Lee Seidel, 127-128
Susan Millar Williams

A Feminist Dictionary, by Cheris Kramarae and Paula A. Treichler, with assistance from Ann Russo, 128-129
Sally McConnell-Ginet

Ordinary Families, by E. Arnot Robertson, 129-133
Jane Marcus

The Chinese Garden, by Rosemary Manning, 133-135
Jane Marcus

Mary Wollstonecraft Sojourner Truth Margaret Atwood Abigail Adams Amy Tan H.D. Simone de Beauvoir Zora Neale Hurston Frances Burney Virginia Woolf

"The white saxifrage with the indented leafe is moste commended for the breakinge of the Stone."

— Turner, Herbal, III, 68 [1568]