Fall 1995, Vol 14, No. 2

From the Editor, 239-242
Holly Laird


On Not Being La Malinche: Border Negotiations of Gender in Sandra Cisneros’s “Never Marry a Mexican” and “Woman Hollering Creek,243-271
Jean Wyatt

Queering The Yellow Wallpaper? Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Politics of Form, 273-293
Jonathan Crewe

“Oedipal with a Vengeance”: Narrative, Desire, and Violence in Luisa Valenzuela’s “Fourth Version, 295-307
Mary Janell Metzger

The Three Faces of June: Anaïs Nin’s Appropriation of Feminine Writing, 309-324
Lynette Felber

Between Science and the “New Psychology”: An Examination of     H. D.’s Sociohistorical Consciousness, 325-345
Suzanne Young


H. D.’s Majic Ring, 347-362
Helen Sword


The Dialect of Modernism: Race, Language, and Twentieth-Century Literature, by Michael A. North; Bordering on the Body: The Racial Matrix of Modern Fiction and Culture, by Laura Doyle; No Man’s Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century, Volume III: Letters From the Front, by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar, 363-369
Ann Ardis

Better Red: The Writing and Resistance of Tillie Olson and Meridel LeSueur, by Constance Coiner; Protest and Possibility in the Writing of Tillie Olsen, by Mara Faulkner, O.S.B., 370-374
Lillian S. Robinson

The Dream and the Dialogue: Adrienne Rich’s Feminist Poetics, by Alice Templeton, 375-376
Suzanne Juhasz

Body and Soul: Essays on Medieval Women and Mysticism, by Elizabeth Alvilda Petroff, 376-377
Roberta Davidson

Handmaid of the Holy Spirit: Dame Eleanor Davies, Never Soe Mad a Ladie, by Esther S. Cope; Visionary Women: Ecstatic Prophecy in Seventeenth-Century England, by Phyllis Mack, 377-381
Teresa Feroli

Nobody’s Story: The Vanishing Acts of Women Writers in the Marketplace, 1670-1820, by Catherine Gallagher, 381-383
George Haggerty

Written By Herself: Literary Production by African American Women, 1746-1892, by Frances Smith Foster; Minnie’s Sacrifice, Sowing and Reaping, Trial and Triumph: Three Rediscovered Novels by Frances E. W. Harper, edited by Frances Smith Foster, 384-387
Maryemma Graham and Gina Rossetti

Conversions and Visions in the Writings of African-American Women, by Kimberly Rae Connor, 387-389
Kimberly N. Brown

The Real Life of Mary Ann Evans: George Eliot, Her Letters and Her Fiction, by Rosemarie Bodenheimer, 389-390
Christine L. Krueger

The Christina Rossetti Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, London, 391-392
Joseph A. Kestner

The Apparitional Lesbian: Female Homosexuality and Modern Culture, by Terry Castle, 392-395
Sharon Marcus

The Practice of Love: Lesbian Sexuality and Perverse Desire, by Teresa de Lauretis, 395-397
Paula Bennett

Mary Wollstonecraft Sojourner Truth Margaret Atwood Abigail Adams Amy Tan H.D. Simone de Beauvoir Zora Neale Hurston Frances Burney Virginia Woolf

"The white saxifrage with the indented leafe is moste commended for the breakinge of the Stone."

— Turner, Herbal, III, 68 [1568]