Fall 1988, Vol. 7, No. 2

From the Editor, 193-196
Holly Laird


Rewriting Genesis: Gender and Culture in Twentieth-Century Texts, 197-220
Christine Froula

The Sacrifice of Privacy in Sense and Sensibility, 221-237
George E. Haggerty

Texts to Grow On: Reading Women’s Romance Fiction, 239-259
Suzanne Juhasz

Theory and Space, Space and Woman, 261-282
Ruth Salvaggio

The Dream and the Dialogue: Rich’s Feminist Poetics and Gadamer’s Hermeneutics, 283-296
Alice Templeton


Isak Dinesen and the Stork: Delivering the Female Text, 297-300
Judith Rosenberg


The Singing of the Real World: The Philosophy of Virginia Woolf’s Fiction, by Mark Hussey; The Interrupted Moment: A View of Virginia Woolf’s Fiction, by Lucio P. Routolo; The Invisible Presence: Virginia Woolf and the Mother-Daughter Relationship, by Ellen Bayuk Rosenman; Virginia Woolf and the “Lust of Creation”: A Psychoanalytic Exploration, by Shirley Panken, 301-305
Panthea Reid Broughton

Reading in Detail: Aesthetics and the Feminine, by Naomi Schor, 305-307
Kate Meyers

Boundaries of the Self: Gender, Culture, Fiction, by Roberta Rubenstein, 307-310
Elizabeth R. Baer

What Fresh Hell Is This?, by Marion Meade, 310-312
Linda Simon

The Female Form: Women Writers and the Conquest of the Novel, by Rosalind Miles, 312-313
Linda Shires

The Eighteenth-Century Feminist Mind, by Alice Browne, 313-314
Linda V. Troost

Spring 1988, Vol. 7, No. 1

A Note from the Acting Editor, 5-6
Mary O’Toole


Sarah Gardner: “Such Trumpery” or “A Lustre to Her Sex”?, 7-25
Isobel Grundy

“Plaisir et proffict” in the Reading and Writing of Marguerite de Valois, 27-48
Cathleen M. Bauschatz

Gender and Poetic Tradition: The Shaping of Charlotte Brontë’s Literary Career, 49-67
Carol A. Bock

Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Her Prometheuses: Self-Will and a Woman Poet, 69-85
Alice Falk

Feminine Sensationalism, Eroticism, and Self-Assertion: M.E. Braddon and Ouida, 87-103
Natalie Schroeder

Feminist Fantasies: Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, 105-117
Jennifer Jordan

Review Essay

Reshuffling the Deck; Or, (Re)Reading Race and Gender in Black Women’s Writing, 119-132
Claudia Tate


Women Writers, series, edited by Eva Figes and Adele King, 133-138
Margaret Atwood, by Barbara Hill Rigney
Charlotte Bronte, by Pauline Nestor
Fanny Burney, by Judy Simons
Sylvia Plath, by Susan Bassnet
Christina Stead, by Diana Brydon
Mary O’Toole

Reading Woman: Essays in Feminist Criticism, by Mary Jacobus; Virginia Woolf and the Languages of Patriarchy, by Jane Marcus, 138-145
Bradford K. Mudge

The Politics of Diversity: Feminism, Marxism, and Nationalism, edited by Roberta Hamilton and Michèle Barrett; What Is Feminism? A Re-Examination, edited by Juliet Mitchell and Ann Oakley, 145-147
Lillian S. Robinson

His and Hers: Essays in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature, by Ann Messenger, 148-150
Isobel Grundy

Marianne Moore, Subversive Modernist, by Taffy Martin; Marianne Moore: The Poetry of Engagement, by Grace Schulman, 151-153
Marilyn L. Brownstein

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself, by Harriet A. Jacobs, edited by Lydia Maria Child, edited and with an introduction by Jean Fagan Yellin; A Private War: Letters and Diaries of Madge Preston, 1862-1867, edited by Virginia Walcott Beauchamp, 153-155
Susan Millar Williams


Letter from Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar, 159

Mary Wollstonecraft Sojourner Truth Margaret Atwood Abigail Adams Amy Tan H.D. Simone de Beauvoir Zora Neale Hurston Frances Burney Virginia Woolf

"The white saxifrage with the indented leafe is moste commended for the breakinge of the Stone."

— Turner, Herbal, III, 68 [1568]